Valles Marineres PhotoMars is a planet of breathtaking vistas as well as a testament to human nature's unending quest to tame new frontiers. This virtual tour explores both the natural beauty of Mars and the efforts that man is taking to turn the planet into one which has an earth-like environment. Although Humanity has left it's mark, there are still plenty of opportunities for a person to discover places that no human has ever seen.

The recent completion of the cable elevator has allowed a huge migration of people from Earth that will forever Cable Elevator Photochange this once lonely outpost. It's estimated that over 2000 people a week are arriving on Mars.

This migration has caused a debate between the factions that want to turn Mars into a life sustaining planet ("The Greens") and those that want to leave Mars as it was before the arrival of humankind ("The Reds") is growing. Hopefully a compromise can be reached between these two factions without the violence that people usually bring to a conflict of this magnitude.

Take this virtual tour of Mars and decide for yourself which future is the best one for mankind's newest frontier.


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